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Ready for a BOLD statement?

Mama Movement will NEVER make boring black activewear. 🙊

BUT WHY you ask??


Well.. we are on a mission to spread a message of BODY POSITIVITY, and to create SUSTAINABLE, COLOURFUL and HIGH PERFORMANCE activewear that brings you a little bit of JOY every time you put them on! This is why we feature bold and colourful prints created in collaboration with Australian designers, and in flattering shapes and styles to really celebrate your strong, beautiful, and unique body, whether you are a size 8 or size 18 (and beyond!). 💪🏻

In all of our photos on our website and socials, you'll see some REAL, everyday Australian women. We seek out women from our community to become "models for a day" to show you what the clothing looks like on bodies of all shapes, sizes and colours.

At Mama Movement we truly believe that movement and exercise should be fun, and something we do because we LOVE our bodies, not because we hate it. And we want the clothes you wear when doing it to reflect that SELF-LOVE too! 🥰 

Help us to redefine what a strong, healthy and beautiful body looks like by celebrating your body with Australia’s happiest activewear. Join the movement and help us to #sprinklepositivity by showing off your new Mama Movement activewear on our socials!


Spread the message of body positivity by posting a photo of yourself in your Mama Movement goodies on Instagram or in our Facebook VIP Group. Don't forget to tag usnd use the hashtag #sprinklepositivity!



Hi! I’m Faye and I am the mama behind Mama Movement.

 australian activewear about the founder and the body positivity movement


Hello! My name is Faye, I am the mama behind Mama Movement. Sadly, like so many women, I have previously felt ashamed of my body, and have been guilty of mistreating my body instead of appreciating it for all the amazing things it has done and will do for me in the future.

But I am also lucky. Because about 6 years ago, I fell into a female fitness community where STRONG was the goal, not SKINNY. Since then I have been on a journey to learn about health, nutrition and of course, about movement.

Since having a daughter, I've had an overwhelming urge to want to give her a different experience of her body in her youth, than the one I had. However! Little did I realise that becoming a mum actually put me on a self-love journey all over again. I felt so much pressure to “bounce back” to my previously fit and fabulous bod, and I had to really dig deep to remember that my new body was still WORTHY OF LOVE. Even if it was not as strong and wrinkle-free as what it was before.

My body is not the same as what it was pre-baby, and it never will be again. But I have learned to be okay with that, because my heart is different too. 💜 

Catch me on Instagram where I am always sharing my journey in my stories, photos of women of all shapes, sizes and colours rocking their colourful activewear, and sneak peeks of upcoming designs too!