About Us

Mama Movement - activewear for women of all shapes and sized

Ready for a BOLD statement?

Mama Movement will NEVER make boring black activewear. 🙊

BUT WHY you ask??

Well, we are on a mission to spread a message of BODY POSITIVITY, and to create Sustainable, Colourful and High Performance activewear that brings you a little bit of JOY every time you put them on! 

We feature bright and colourful prints created in collaboration with female Australian artists, and in supportive shapes and styles to celebrate your strong, beautiful, and unique body, whether you are a size 10 or 20 (and beyond!). 💪🏻

In the photos on our website and socials, you'll see REAL, everyday Australian women. Every quarter we ask our customers (also known as our Positivity Posse) to become "models for a day" to show you what the clothing looks like on bodies of different shapes, sizes and colours.

At Mama Movement we believe that movement and exercise should be fun, and something we do because we LOVE our bodies, not because we hate them. And we want the clothes you wear when doing it to reflect that SELF-LOVE too! 🥰 

Help us redefine what a strong, healthy and beautiful body looks like by celebrating your body with Australia’s happiest activewear. Join the movement and help us to #SprinklePositivity by showing off your new Mama Movement activewear on our socials!


Spread the message of body positivity by posting a photo of yourself in your Mama Movement gear on Instagram or in our Facebook VIP Group - you could even win a $50 gift voucher each month!


Hi! I’m Faye and I am the mama behind Mama Movement.

 Faye and her 2 children, the mama behind mama movement


My name is Faye, I am the mama behind Mama Movement. I am a purple-haired, colour-loving feminist. My passion is empowering women – this began from the tender age of 10 where in the early days of the internet, I created Galz Rule, a website connecting girls worldwide to celebrate our awesomeness. It's pretty wild to think that the same little girl is now the founder of one of Australia's fastest-growing sustainable clothing labels.

In July 2020, I started this business in my garage, leaving my stable corporate job to pursue my passion project. Mama Movement is all about creating a body-positive movement through colourful and functional activewear. This mission was sparked by my deep desire for a more positive body image future for my daughter. Having battled an eating disorder for over a decade, it's personal. I want my little girl to experience her body in a different way than I did growing up.

Now, why "Mama" Movement? It's not just for mums, right? No, no it's not. I chose this name and mission because I believe mums have a crucial role in shaping a body-positive future. If our children see us, as mothers, loving and embracing our bodies fiercely, regardless of size, shape, or colour, regardless of stretch marks, or aging lines, just maybe they might learn to love their bodies too, unconditionally.

So whether you're a mama or not, I invite you to join us in our #SprinklePositivity Movement. Do it for yourselves, do it for the women who will see you in your colourful MM gear and feel inspired to try some "dopamine-dressing" too, and finally, do it for the children around us who will see a diverse tapestry of women, loving hard on themselves. Together, let's create a more body positive future.


Say hello to Team Mama Movement

Group of diverse women in colourful activewear who make up Team Mama Movement

Are we still a small business? Very much so. But as the movement has caught on and the business has grown, we now have an epically colourful group of mums who work behind the scenes at Mama Movement! That's right, every single one of your orders is lovingly hand-packed by one of these amazing women that you see. And YES, we know we are a colourful bunch!!
You can catch us on Instagram or TikTok  where we are always sharing BTS of what goes on at Mama Movement HQ, as well as photos of our customers of all shapes, sizes and colours rocking their colourful activewear!!