Why we do mama-mini matching (it's not just because it's cute!)

Why We Do Mama and Mini Matching at Mama Movement

The Beginning: My Personal Story

Mama Movement was born in 2020, after I left my corporate job, to pursue my "passion project", a desire to create a more body-positive future for my daughter, and all the little girls (and boys) just like her. When I started this label, my little M was just two years old, and when I looked at her, I just saw the most beautiful and perfect little girl. And I wished so much for her to grow up in a world that embraced body positivity, so that she may have a less tumultuous relationship with her own body, than the one I had.

I have had a history with eating disorders, and I was terrified, that she may someday hate her body, the way I did. While we may think we have come a long way in body diversity in the media, the truth is, the facts show that there has been a 21% increase in the overall number of Australians with eating disorders since 2012, and up to 12% of adolescents aged 15 to 19 had an eating disorder in 2023. (Butterfly Foundation)​​. These numbers, they are terrifying.

So I started Mama Movement, with the hope that I could reach as many mums as possible, and help them embrace their own bodies too. So that maybe, the little eyes watching them, had a chance for a brighter more body positive future. 

At the time I launched Mama Movement, EVERYTHING came in mama and mini matching sets. I did this as I wanted women and their children, to be part of this body positive conversation. Plus, it was cute, was it not?


Exercising From a Place of Love

So why activewear? One of our core principles at Mama Movement is the belief that we should exercise because we LOVE our bodies, not because we hate them. This positive approach is more likely to result in a higher likelihood of maintaining a regular exercise routine, AND it also sets an example for our  children to develop a healthy mindset about their bodies and the importance of self-care.

By wearing our vibrant activewear, mums inspire their little ones to embrace movement as acts of love and self-respect. And of course, FUN! Which brings me to the next point.

Standing Out with Colourful Prints

Our prints, designed in collaboration with female Australian artists are intentionally colourful because we wanted children to see their mums not being afraid to stand out, be loud, and embrace their bodies in fun and joyful clothing. These bold designs encourage confidence and self-expression, showing children that it’s okay to be different and to love yourself as you are.

The Rise of Our Award-Winning Activewear

As we grew, people realised that our activewear was not just about cute matching sets; it was absolutely the highest-quality, combined with functional, and stylish designs. Our activewear gained recognition for its comfort, durability, performance and vibrant prints, even winning awards such as Best Workout Tights of 2023, Australia-wide. The demand for our activewear grew rapidly, soon becoming the cornerstone of our brand, outpacing the matching kidswear.

So what happened to all the matching kidswear? 

Well, these days, we still do some matching kidswear, and we probably always will, as it is so deeply linked to our mission and why we call ourselves Mama Movement.

It just quite simply, for financial viability reasons, doesn't come in EVERYTHING anymore. Though truthfully, I still wish it did!!

How about you? Do you love some mama-mini matching? Or are you just here for our *seriously* GOOD activewear? Either way, I'm super grateful for you, and your part in helping us to grow our movement of body positivity!


Keep sprinkling positivity,

Faye (and her minis)

PS If you do love the matchy matchy, we have a special collection, just for you here.