Our biggest shipment.. EVER.

This is a video of me, taken when I was all alone in the warehouse on Tuesday last week, at 5:45pm, after having just unloaded 65 boxes into the warehouse.
Our biggest shipment. Ever. 
Not even 4 years ago, I was unloading 4 small boxes onto the floor of my garage, to launch my website. I didn't take many photos or videos then, as there was really not much to see!
Didn't even have shelves LOL 🫣
I launched this business with just 4 little boxes, and a really big dream. To start a movement of body positivity, with colourful, inclusive activewear.
A dream that one day, my little girl (who was 2 when I started the label and is now SIX???) would grow up in a more body positive future, than the one I grew up in.
Well these days, I have shelves, and a warehouse LOL. And last week, my incredible little team not only processed all 65 boxes, but also dispatched 400 preorders, for our newest Puffer + Jumper collection which I am so incredibly grateful for 🥹
This year, I think we have *NAILED* the sizing and the quality. Every year, I listen to customer feedback, make tweaks to improve, and this year we:
  • Improved the durability and quality of the embroidery on the jumpers
  • Made the puffer vests reversible - so it's like having 2 vests in 1!
  • Perfected the fit of the puffer jacket
I am immensely proud of this collection, and am so grateful you all love it as much as I do.
If you were one of those preorders, THANK YOU. It honestly means the world to this small business owner, and the team of mums I employ, that you support us, and our dream.
And if you haven't seen our latest AW2024 Outerwear Collection yet, OMG go check it out!!