Why the "Mama" in Mama Movement?

Yesterday, a famous Australian media personality asked for leggings / bike shorts recommendations, and we were tagged by so many of you incredible humans recommending us, Mama Movement. Which honestly, just made me so happy and grateful that you would take your time to write this beautiful recommendation <3

This particular celebrity though, she's not a "mum". And one of the comments on the post read "Mama Movement. Terrible name, excellent leggings and bike shorts". And it made me think about our name again, and how I feel about the word "Mama" in Mama Movement.

So let me take you on a little bit of a story time, while you cosy up in your favourite leggings. I started Mama Movement when I had an almost 2 year old baby girl. I'd been not only a high-flying corporate career gal (one of the youngest leaders in an ASX200 corporation) AND a medal-winning amateur pole dancer (that's another story for another day).

But venturing into motherhood was a wild ride, and my body? It changed dramatically, and in ways that did not always feel comfortable, especially as a woman who had struggled for almost a decade with an eating disorder. I wanted so desperately, to feel love for my body again, and even more so, I wanted to help other mamas like me love their bods and embark on a self-love adventure together.

So in early 2020, I launched a brand, and I called it "Mama Movement".

Back in the day, it was all about those adorable mummy-and-mini matching sets (so cute, right?). But here’s the plot twist: our activewear turned out to be the real MVP. It’s not just good; it’s award-winning-level awesome. So while we still have a soft spot for matching gear, we’re now all in on creating activewear that makes you feel like the queen you are.

Now, let’s get something straight. The “Mama” in our name? It’s not a club exclusive to those who’ve ventured into human motherhood.Nope. It’s a big, open-hearted invite to anyone who’s rocking the care game—be it for kiddos, fur babies, plant babies, or just mastering the art of self-care. Our leggings and all the goodies are here to make everyone feel fab in their own beautiful skin.

It’s pretty simple: Mama Movement was never about drawing lines or putting up “mums only” signs. We’re all about the love, the inclusivity, and the celebration of every single woman who’s out there doing her thing. Bringing joy into exercise, one pair of colour leggings (or sports bras) at a time.

It was never just about selling activewear;I am so incredibly proud of what we've achieved. We’re building a community where everyone’s movement journey is worth celebrating. It’s about moving together, supporting each other, and finding joy in every step (or squat!).

So, to all you wonderful humans out there who have supported Mama Movement, bought from us, recommended us, thank you.Whether you’re here for the leggings, the vibes, or both, we’re so glad you’re on this journey with us. Let’s keep spreading love, and rocking our colourful bods with pride and joy. 

And the name? Mama Movement? I guess it will never be for everyone. But like I tell my children, you can't be everything to everyone. You have to be true to who *YOU* are. And I'm a mama, the mama behind Mama Movement. And for now, I guess that'll have to be enough. xx