Our favourite kids brands for screen-free holiday fun

Screens are not the enemy - my kids get to watch about 30-45 minutes of television most days. It buys me time to make dinner without having to break up a fight, or catch a falling toddler.

But! I do still try my very best to come up with additional fun ideas for screen-free holiday fun, because in my own personal experience, excessive screen time is not good for my child. She becomes EXTRA grumpy after, and meltdowns occur more frequently when we don't manage screen time. So, for me, it's important to come up with a list of screen-free play ideas for the upcoming school holidays. This is why I've curated the list below, of my absolute FAVOURITE kids brands, providing options for fun play activities for children.

1. HeyDoodle - Doodling Fun with Reusable Mats!

Hey Doodle reusable colouring mats

HeyDoodle's reusable doodle mats are an ESSENTIAL in my nappy bag, every time we head out for a restaurant meal. I whip one of these out for the kids to colour while they wait for their meals, or after they've finished, to buy myself some extra time. These eco-friendly mats are perfect for doodling, colouring, and wipe clean with a wet wipe or damp cloth for endless fun.

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2. Little Potion Co - Magical Mindful Potions

Little Potion Co Potion Kits for kids

Step into a world of magic with Little Potion Co's enchanting mindful magic sets. These kits not only foster creativity but also support emotional development through mindful affirmations and spells. My daughter loves mixing her potions up, then tipping them into the garden for the fairies. And because everything is biodegradable, it's perfectly safe (and magical!)

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3. The PlayCard Co - Cards that Spark Playful Learning

Play Card Co - Simple play ideas for kids

Created by a primary school teacher, The PlayCard Co offers play-based learning activities through vibrant cards containing simple yet super fun activities you can make for the kids at home. These cards really help take the mental load off trying to think of activities to set up, and turn everyday objects we all have in our homes to hours of FUN!

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4. Wild Dough - Mold Your Holiday Memories!

Wild Dough - playdough that actually smells good

Wild Dough's award-winning playdough is absolutely the SOFEST and nicest smelling playdough we've ever owned - and I usually hate the smell of playdough! Infused with natural scents, these doughs add a sensory element to playtime. Create festive shapes and let the holiday spirit come alive.

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And what's extra special is that all of these brands are owned by Australian mums. Shop any of these beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly kids activities and you'll also be supporting a small business owner and fellow mum. Happy playing!